It could be said that the spirit of Castle rohdhaus was established way back in the innocent year of 2009, when a young and bright eyed "andy rohde" excitedly finished his first assignment for his telecommunications vocational class. 
it could also be said that the body of castle rohdhaus was established when a not-so-young andy got fed up working his dead end day job and decided to do something about it.  
I've had the absolute pleasure working out of the local Metro Detroit area over the past few years, highlighting various local events and locations. It has been a thrill to shine a spotlight on Detroit's creative endeavors, and give back to the people of a city I love so much. I've had the privilege of working with such fantastic companies and organizations such as Zap Zone, Lucky Rock Wine Co., and Emagine Theaters, among others, and I am extremely thankful to each and every one of them for all the opportunities and memories they've provided.
What i hope to bring to projects is not just a unique voice and vision, but a grounded clarity as well. I've seen (and worked on) my fair share of projects that have gone haywire or died on their path to completion, and my goal has always been to do whatever i can to prevent that from happening to anyone else's ideas. even if not working directly with you, I am more than ready to offer up consultations, or even just some plain old advice or collaboration! 
Proficient but always learning in the fields of digital photography, filmography, graphic design, and digital editing, our haus staff will make sure to do their absolute damndest to help pump your creative project full of lifeblood. Drop us a line at our contact page if you're interested, and if not....well, thanks for stopping by anyway!

The haus always enjoys company.
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